I have the superpower to Feel, I feel and I speak my spirit out loud..!

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  • Living with the memories!
    Let me hold on to your memories a little tighter today, today I am missing you a little harder than yesterday. They say you’re gone but I see you everywhere, you’re there all the time around me cracking your PJs. I wonder if you miss me too sometimes, or did you move too far? TheContinue reading “Living with the memories!”
  • Life as on today!
    “Life moves on and so should we” – Spencer Johnson Days are passing by in the blink of an eye but life has come to a total standstill, has been so for a long long time. Everything around is moving and changing so fast, yet I am in a place where I was a yearContinue reading “Life as on today!”
  • The Void
    Days are tough, nights are hard.. I wish I had you by my side.. To lean on your shoulder and let out my sorrows, To share my day and rest on your chest, To hug you tight when thunder strikes, To hold your hands when the cloud turns dark.. Your child like laughter is theContinue reading “The Void”
  • Faded..!
    Some say that distance bring two people closer, more you go far the more you have the longing for each other. Just like you crave for a chocolate pie in the middle of a night, you start craving for each other, to meet, to see, to hug, to feel each others presence around.. It makesContinue reading “Faded..!”
  • 2 AM Thoughts..!
    I bite my lips and hold my tears, your thoughts won’t let me take a break, not even for a single day! It’s been months that you left me, you never looked back like you told me while leaving. I stopped knocking at your door too, my soul got tired as you never opened theContinue reading “2 AM Thoughts..!”